Silverstone to increase capacity

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Good news for the British Formula One fans today. Silverstone confirmed that it has been given the green light to build a new grandstand, and increase the capacity of existing grandstands, for the 2006 British Grand Prix.

The new grandstand and additional seating will increase the number of prime viewing locations around the world famous Grand Prix circuit, and improve comfort levels for fans attending one of the biggest events on the UK sporting calendar. After 100,000 sell out crowds in 2004 and 2005 circuit bosses identified comfort levels and the fans' viewing experience as areas that could be improved for the British Grand Prix. For this year's event Silverstone will be building a second grandstand at Club, and increasing the number of seats in existing grandstands at Copse, Stowe, Luffield and Club.

Richard Phillips, Managing Director at Silverstone Circuits Limited "Both Silverstone and the British Grand Prix have received fantastic support from fans in recent years. We need to make sure those fans are looked after, and provide them with the best facilities possible to watch and enjoy all the action. For this year's British Grand Prix we will be making more seats available in the prime viewing areas around the circuit. This includes the grandstands at Copse and Stowe, which are always extremely popular and tend to sell out first. Extending the capacity of existing grandstands will also free up space in other viewing areas, in particular those used by General Admission ticket holders. This is 100% about improving the British Grand Prix experience for our customers - the fans."