'Still room for Kimi' - Haug

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Mercedes boss Norbert Haug has denied that McLaren's decision to sign Fernando Alonso is an indication that Kimi Raikkonen is preparing to leave the team.McLaren Mercedes announced at the end of 2005 already that World Champion Alonso would be leaving Renault at the end of this season to join the Woking-based team.

The decision to contract Alonso sparked rumours that McLaren were anticipating Raikkonen's departure and had signed Alonso as the Finn's replacement. According to Norbert Haug, that is not true.

Norbert Haug "Just because we have got Alonso for 2007 it does not mean that Kimi is moving to another team."

Toyota have said they have had no contact with Raikkonen. And his management as well as Kimi himself have said there are no options or pre-contracts signed with any other teams."