We aim to win at least one more race - Alonso

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Speaking in today's FIA press conference at the Korean GP, Fernando Alonso mentioned that, while motivation is still as high as ever, Ferrari and himself are targetting at least one more race win this season.

“We know Red Bull are still favourites and McLaren are very strong at this point of the season, but we will be trying to enjoy our racing. My championship position is less important, because it does not make much difference if you are second or third if you cannot be champion. The Constructors’ championship is more important and McLaren is a long way ahead, but we will do the maximum to catch them for second place, even if it will be difficult.”

The Spaniard is very much looking forward to racing here, following on from his strong showing, finishing second in Japan. “I hope to enjoy this as much as we did in Suzuka, where we could be aggressive and play with the strategy. Here a podium should be possible and if we get the maximum out of the car and everything is good, we can try and win it.” Fernando agreed that this season had seen many ups and downs: “We think we know what was our problem in Singapore and also understand why we were better in Suzuka, but obviously I won’t tell you that now. This season it is more and more difficult to understand F1!”

Sitting next to Sebastian Vettel, Alonso was asked to comment on rumours the German could one day join him at Ferrari. “I am extremely happy with my team-mate,” he began. “We help each other in the way of driving and how we approach the weekend and I have been learning from Felipe for the past two years. I have a long term contract, so I don’t know who will be my team-mate for all that time, if it will be Felipe or someone else, but whoever it is, we will work together to help Ferrari win.”

With the Drivers’ championship already decided, the Prancing Horse driver was asked how he kept his motivation going. Looking surprised that this should even be a question he produced several reasons for being fully keen on his racing for the rest of the year. “We are racing drivers and we want to win in every race in which we take part. If I do a kart race in December for fun and finish second, it gives me a very bad feeling. Now, we have four different races in four different countries, racing for the team, the sponsors, the fans and ourselves, so it is impossible not to be motivated.”