Marussia passes final FIA crash test

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A single day after the track debut of the team's new 2012 contender at Silverstone, Marussia today announced to have finally passed their last FIA crash test. Failing it had caused the team to not be able to take part in winter testing this year.

The team's Technical Consultant, Pat Symonds said:

"After a challenging few weeks for the team, we are pleased to have overcome the last hurdle of the final FIA-observed crash test, which we passed today."

"The component in question actually passed an ‘unobserved’ crash test but has been performing inconsistently in the observed tests. The previous fail was only marginal so we needed to have a slightly more robust solution in place."

"A few minor adjustments to the original concept of the component was all that was required. We were all thrilled to see the new car out on track over the past two days and whilst we have a lot of catching up to do, we take heart from the fact that everything is back on a more positive trajectory. We now look forward to the challenge of the season-opener in Melbourne next weekend."