Webber tops shortened FP3 on drying track

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F1 Grand Prix, GP Canada, Circuit Gilles Villeneuveca

Mark Webber topped the timesheets at the end of a 30 minute final practice session at the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve. All competitive times were set in a hectic final 5 minutes as the track was rapidly drying up.

Due to barrier repairs required after a crash during the Ferrari Challenge event, FP3 got delayed by 30 minutes. As the session is bound to stop at the its regular time, FP3 lasts only 30 minutes and is wet as well, although a dry line is starting to appear. The weather here at Canada has been mixed, just like on Friday, and more rain is expected for qualifying later today as well.

With the session shortened, everybody is out early, most on full wet tyres, only to return after a single lap. The Caterham drivers on the other hand immediately put in a few timed laps on intermediates which seems to be the right tyre at this point.

10 minutes into the session, Maldonado emerges on top of the timesheet, ahead of his teammate Bottas. The Sauber drivers are 3rd and 4th, followed by Button, Pic, van der Garde, Sutil and Perez. All other drivers have not set a time during the first 12 minutes.

The same drivers continued to run while all top teams opted to stay in their pit boxes and await better conditions.

5 minutes from the end, finally a number of drivers are out on the super softs with Alonso the first to put in a timed lap. It was cautious though and it was his teammate Felipe Massa who put in the fastest lap. Traffic is a big issue however as literally everybody is out on track to attempt to set a quick lap.

1 minute from the end, Ricciardo puts in the fastest time, topped by Maldonado a few seconds later and further improved by Button. With 16 seconds left, Alonso posts first, followed by Massa who puts in a 1:19.750 to go even faster.

As more drivers cross the line, Vettel goes fastest, then Alonso again, followed by Sutil and then Webber. The time of 1:17.895 did not get beaten anymore, keeping the Australian on top for this final practice ahead of qualifying in 2 hours time.


1.M. Webber1:17.895-21.924.930.96
2.A. Sutil1:18.2480.35322.025.430.77
3.L. Hamilton1:18.7320.83721.925.431.26
4.F. Alonso1:18.9771.08222.125.631.19
5.S. Vettel1:19.1311.23622.525.630.95
6.N. Rosberg1:19.4571.56222.525.831.06
7.P. di Resta1:19.4961.60122.425.731.25
8.F. Massa1:19.7501.85522.725.631.38
9.J. Button1:19.7901.89522.226.830.78
10.K. Raikkonen1:20.3162.42122.526.631.07
11.R. Grosjean1:20.5962.70122.926.331.28
12.P. Maldonado1:21.0353.14023.126.031.810
13.D. Ricciardo1:21.3643.46923.226.131.85
14.M. Chilton1:21.6523.75723.026.132.48
15.N. Hulkenberg1:22.0214.12622.128.731.113
16.E. Gutierrez1:22.7204.82524.026.432.214
17.J. Vergne1:23.0585.16324.126.832.05
18.G. van der Garde1:23.1325.23723.227.432.413
19.S. Perez1:23.3095.41424.326.832.16
20.C. Pic1:23.6205.72524.327.032.210
21.V. Bottas1:24.3146.41923.827.133.26
22.J. Bianchi1:26.1958.30025.426.933.77