Nothing wrong with the kerbs - Warwick

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Derek Warwick, a former F1 drivers and currently president of the British Racing Drivers Club today said there is absolutely nothing wrong with the kerbs at the Silverstone racetrack.

Many people had suggested that the kerbs at turn 4 and 5 were causing the Pirelli tyre failures, but that is something Warwick cannot believe. He dismissed claims that the kerbs cut the tyres as "absolute rubbish".

“These kerbs have been in since 2009. We’ve had thousands and thousands of cars go over these kerbs and they have been absolutely fine,” Derek Warwick told Sky Sports television. We’ve had them checked by the FIA (International Automobile Federation) and they comply completely,” he added as a safety debate raged, with talk of a possible driver boycott of the next race in Germany.

The Briton went even further, blaming the FIA and Pirelli for the 5 tyre failures that have happened during the Silverstone Grand Prix weekend.

“I think Bernie, the FIA and Pirelli are bringing the sport into disrepute and they need to have a serious look at themselves and change these tyres and not expect all the teams to agree. Take it out of the teams’ hands and put safe tyres on these cars.”

The Italian tyre manufacturer has indeed come up with tyres based on a kevlar structure but saw their introduction, initially scheduled for this British Grand Prix blocked by Ferrari, Lotus and Force India, unsurprisingly because they seemingly have built cars that can cope best with the softer Pirelli rubber.

"Pirelli and F1 need to have a really good look at themselves and make sure that we have tyres that drivers can drive flat out all the time,” he finished.