Pirelli cancels wider 2014 tyres

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Despite ongoing uncertainty about who will be the tyre supplier for Formula One in 2014, Pirelli have confirmed that its plans to have wider rear tyres are now scrapped as teams opposed to the suggestion.

The Italian tyre manufacturer has confirmed by means of its motor sport boss that the size of its tyres will not be changing into the 2014 season. Pirelli suggested to increase the width of the rear tyres to cope with the additional torque of the 2014 turbo engines, but following a consultation round with teams this has now been cancelled.

Paul Hembery told Auto Motor und Sport that data supplied by one engine supplier in particular - widely believed to be Mercedes - was alarming. This seems to confirm earlier beliefs that the Mercedes V6 will be a lot more powerful in the beginning of 2014 than its competitors.

"Based on the information we have received from most of the teams, we have decided to keep the same tyre dimensions (in 2014)", Hembery said.

"But as the cars of next year will make very different demands of the tyres, we have proposed that the regulations be amended so that the teams may use different compounds front and rear, should it be necessary."

In an attempt not to extend the possible performance gap by allowing more rear grip from the tyres, rear tyre and dim dimensions will remain the same.