Metallic debris cause of tyre punctures

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Pirelli have investigated a tyre puncturing problem that occurred during FP2 at Spa-Francorchamps and have concluded a piece of debris was the sole cause of the tyre issues.

More tyre concerns hit the paddock on Friday night as Fernando Alonso and Sebastian Vettel both suffered punctures on their car's right rear tyres around turn 15 of the circuit.

Pirelli's motorsport was quick to deny any structural tyre issues soon after FP2, but the tyre company went on to investigate why other tyres were also cut, even though those didn't deflate.

A number of people from the tyre supplier went on the circuit in the evening to try to find the cause and eventually found a piece of stray metal stuck in the astroturf at turn 13. The piece was found sharp enough to cut tyres and likely originates from a car's skid block. While not confirmed, many suspect this to be from one of the Lotus cars, as those are usually rubbing their blocks on the ground at high speed, creating the sparks that are often seen springing up from the back of he car.

The Italian manufacturer, however, stressed that they continue to investigate the incidents.