McLaren reveals grey MP4-29

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McLaren have revealed their 2014 challenger, named MP4-29. The car features a grey livery and a distinctive nose cone, influenced by the new regulations that mandate a low tip of the nose.

Different to images released by Williams, the McLaren's nose is an elegant design that still pushed the boundaries of the regulations. Keeping the pylons wide apart helps managing airflow underneath the nosecone, while the tip of the nose incorporates the foremost part of the crash structure is housed within the bulge that extends ahead of the front wing.

As expected, the sidepods have also become bulkier with much bigger radiator inlets. The bodywork of the sidepods is somewhat wider and higher, especially at the shoulders where more components need to be housed, including the turbocharger which sits just behind the engine on the centreline of the car. The lack of exhausts exiting through the sidepod bodywork however results in a fairly sleek bodywork design at the rear end where cleanliness will be key to create a stable rear end following the removal of the beam wing (as per the regulations).