Red Bull cuts test day short as problems continue

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F1 Test, Jerez, Circuit Permanente de Jerezes

Red Bull's issues go from bad to worse, as the team only managed 3 laps today, seeing its day ended when Daniel Ricciardo stopped on track with smoke coming out of the sidepods.

The team had worked overnight in an attempt to resolve the problems with the Renault ERS system in an attempt to get its test properly going. Red Bull Racing however found out in the afternoon that all was far from good, as other problems were uncovered on the car, now apparently unrelated to the Renault power unit.

The team officially ended its running at around 3pm and "spent the remainder of the day investigating the causes in order to ready the car for the final day of testing at Jerez.

Despite intense work overnight to correct the issues that caused the team to halt it’s programme early yesterday, Infiniti Red Bull Racing had to again cease track activities this afternoon. Daniel Ricciardo completed a handful of laps in the RB10 before issues similar to yesterday’s forced him to stop. The team will now spend the remainder of today investigating the causes in order to ready the RB10 for tomorrow.

Race Engineering Co-ordinator Andy Damerum said: “We worked hard yesterday to make the changes it was felt were necessary to overcome the problems we identified and we were hopeful of a more successful day today. Unfortunately, the measures we took only partially solved the issue and, as with yesterday, it’s more sensible to stop and dig deeper into finding a solution. It’s obviously not where we want to be and naturally the whole team is frustrated by these issues. However, we’re pretty good at bouncing back from this type of thing. This is where the whole team pulls together and I’m sure we will get these problems fixed.”

At around the same time, Christian Horner and Adrian Newey were spotted leaving the track with the team later confirming they would leave Jerez and fly home in an attempt to help resolve the issues back in the team's headquarters.