Allison not sure nose designs will be game changer

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Ferrari's technical director James Allison has downplayed the importance of different nose designs seen on the Formula One cars, saying there are other things much more important to take a look at.

"There is not too much similarity between the cars and the reason for that is that the nose rules allow quite a lot of geometrical freedom and there isn't a single solution to what isn't actually that sensitive an area. So there are a lot of solutions that do work," explained Allison

The Englishman who joined Ferrari last year following a long spell at Lotus thinks that even though there are a lot of different possibilities, there isn't much performance difference between them.

"The team I was working with before have quite an aggressive solution and we have a different solution. We have looked at dozens and dozens of noses of all shapes and size and like any other part of the car it is free for us to develop and we will keep looking at it. To be honest, I don't think there's much in it, rather it's just a talking point for the media at the moment".

Allison also said to be quite interested in McLaren's butterfly rear suspension, while noting that for the first time in recent years, Ferrari's on-track results show good correlation with the wind tunnel measurements, providing a good base for developments in the next months.