Raikkönen: Ferrari will come back

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in 2014 Kimi Raikkönen went back to the team where he enjoyed the heyday of his career. He hasn’t been able to repeat his glory runs with Ferrari yet, but the Finn is adamant he and the Italian team will come back much stronger next season.

In a special interview Kimi Räikkönen talks us through his experiences during this challenging year and reveals what he thinks of his team-mate Fernando Alonso.

Question: “Are you as fast as ever?”
Kimi: “I think so.”

Question: “Can Ferrari bounce back in 2015?”
Kimi: “Yes, for sure.”

Question: “Is Ferrari your last team in Formula 1?”
Kimi: “Yes.”

Question: “Most racing drivers dream of racing for Ferrari once. You have now done it twice. Does that feel special?”
Kimi: “I don't really count it as twice. I won the championship with them. I never really counted that I stopped my career, because I got still racing. I won the championship with them, so coming back with them is very nice, but obviously it's not been the best year, but that's how it goes.”

Question: “Why has 2014 been a slow start for you?”
Kimi: “For many reasons. The front doesn't work very well for me. It is very hard to try the best I want. It is very difficult to sort it out. You know it is feeling better and better all the time.

Question: “Your best mate in Formula 1?”
Kimi: “Vettel.”

Question: “What is your favorite tune?”
Kimi: “I don't have one.”

Question: “Do you like sushi?”
Kimi: “Yes”

Question: “Can you dance?”
Kimi: “No.”

Question: “During those low moments particularly in the first part of the season, was there ever a time when you started to doubt your ability: ‘Can I still do this’?”
Kimi: “No, because I have probably gone through quite a few times the same story and you know you always think how can I get it sorted out. When I get the car as for my liking, I can try it pretty well, pretty fast. For myself, I wanna make sure it stays like that and we can do it every single time when I drive out of the box.”

Question: “Do you still want race wins and championships as much as ever?”
Kimi: “I wouldn't be here if I wouldn't like to win and fight for the championship. I hope to have many good races and wins and fight for the championship. Time will tell.”

Question: “Kimi, you have so many fans out there. Why do you think that is?”
Kimi: “I have no idea. I am not here to please people or do it for somebody else, I do it for myself, I did the things how I feel the best for me. You're never gonna please everybody, that's not my job. My job is to try to do well in the racing. I am fortunate to have so many good fans.”

Question: “Is Suzuka the last hardcore circuit in Formula 1?”
Kimi: “No, I think, Spa, Suzuka are old-stlye circuits.”

Question: “You hold the lap record here in Suzuka. What is it?”
Kimi: “I have no idea.”

Question: “Suzuka has seen perhaps your greatest victory back in 2005, from 17th to first. What is it about this place? Does it put a smile on your face when you're in the car?”
Kimi: “It was an exciting weekend that year. Hopefully we can do well this weekend and getting better and better, stronger and stronger, more higher up.”

Question: "Fernando Alonso. You've had some great team-mates. How do you rate him?"
Kimi: "For sure he is got. Everybody knows he is really strong. Obviously I have suffered myself a lot this year, so it hasn't been actually difficult to beat me, but that's how it goes."

Question: “Any more tattoos in the pipeline?”
Kimi: “Ah, time will tell.”

Question: “Have you enjoyed this interview?”
Kimi: “Ah, yes, a little bit at least. ”