Alonso still in the chase for the best option

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Fernando Alonso reckons he has the key to the driver market in hand, saying he can virtually go wherever he wants. The Spaniard is still scrutineering the potential teams which can offer the most enticing future.

Fernando Alonso’s friend and journalist Antonio Lobato revealed that fellow Spaniard Alonso has informed Ferrari about his potential departure some weeks ago. His aim was to join Mercedes. In response the German marque reportedly offered a swap between Alonso and Hamilton. Ferrari refused to agree.

Alonso and Ferrari’s team principal Marco Mattiacci have agreed about the disaffirmation of the contract which would have run out at the end of 2016 on Thursday. Ferrari which were also in contact with Sebastian Vettel, approached the German right aftermath and entered into a contract with him.

Fernando Alonso refused to reveal his next stage in his career, but admitted there is more than one sole option on the table.

“Let's say that I have a very unique position,” Alonso said. “Thanks to so many years and so much respected work that I did on the track, I decide where to go, what I do and when I do it. Probably some of the things that are happening are a consequence of my thinking."

“I have my mind set. I have a plan very clear. For the last two or three months I know what I want to do, everything is moving in the right direction but at the moment it's still not 100% complete. But everything's moving in the right direction. As I said, I'm the decision maker and whatever I do will have some consequences but I have the privileged position that I'm lucky right now."

The Spaniard admitted that he wanted to lift his chances and get a car with which he is capable of delivering and fight for the title in the near future.

“It's a combination of hunger for success, I want to win, I want to become champion, want to be happy, want to have a good life… there are many things that when I put them together some months ago showed me a direction to go in. I've been following that direction with some movements, everything has been going to plan and hopefully I can tell you soon. “

Alonso also added he has been working on his future for a few months now, but no one could really understand what has been going on behind the scenes.

“The thing that you need to understand is that from the outside you see one thing but from the inside it's very different. For the last two or three months you should understand already in which direction I'm moving but you didn't get it. When I tell you you will understand: 'Right, we should have known it'.”