Vettel on his departure from Red Bull

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Sebastian Vettel’s career was guided by Red Bull for more then a decade. After four consecutive titles the German turns his back to the team and takes on a new challenge.

The four-time world champion only advised Red Bull about his plan late on Friday. Although having a contract for another year at Red Bull, the German didn’t want to carry on at the squad he has earned all his success in Formula 1 and is adamant to open a new chapter in his own history book.

Red Bull’s Christian Horner was taken aback by the intention of his driver, but refused to fight for him. The team principal admitted he didn’t see the point to tie someone down who isn’t comfortable at his place anymore.

"All I can do is wish him the very best for the future.” – added Horner.

In recent weeks Sebastian has been denying his discomfort at Red Bull and refused to show any signs that he was about to leave the place of his four-year-long utter domination.

He admitted that he only wanted to gain new motivation and refused to admit that this year which featured a run of bad luck and an unexpected form of his new team-mate Daniel Ricciardo, was the reason behind his move.

“I'm not leaving because I don't like the team or individuals, I'm not running away from anything. The voice inside me, the hunger to do something new was bigger. It was not the easiest decision but you have to listen to your heart."

However Vettel didn’t want to comment the rumours about his new team, according various sources he will partner Kimi Raikkönen next season at Ferrari. The announcement is expected to be made right after the inaugural Russian Grand Prix.