Mercedes introduces new F1 safety and medical cars

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Mercedes has announced a new safety and medical car for the 2015 Formula One season onwards. The safety car will be the Mercedes GT S whereas a C63 S Estate will serve as the sport's medical car.

As the GT S was already designed as a performance vehicle, boasting 510bhp of engine power and 650Nm of torque in its series production form, a modified exhaust system is the only change for the new safety car.

"The second sports car developed independently by Mercedes-AMG boasts ideal credentials for this tough job in the premiere motorsport competition", according to Mercedes.

"The front mid-engine concept with transaxle, the V8 biturbo engine with dry sump lubrication, the dual clutch transmission and the cutting-edge sports suspension with aluminium double-wishbone axles provide the basis for fast laps on the race circuit. Excellent driving dynamics are in the DNA of the Mercedes-AMG GT S: the intelligent aluminium lightweight design guarantees not only a low vehicle weight but also a low centre of gravity for the vehicle and an advantageous weight distribution of 47 to 53 percent between front and rear axle."

Bernd Mayländer, driver of the Safety Car since 2000, notes: "The gull-wing SLS AMG was my official car in Formula 1® for five years. Now I'm looking forward to the new Mercedes-AMG GT S, which I have been fortunate enough to get to know during its development phase. The new AMG sports car won me over immediately with its high-calibre race track performance."

The former DTM driver also works as an instructor for the AMG Driving Academy and as a Mercedes-Benz brand ambassador at selected events. He shared the cockpit of the Safety Car with FIA Fuel Analyst Peter Tibbetts.

Along with the safety car, the medical car has also been modernized as the C63 S Estate replaces the C63 AMG Estate.

At the wheel is racing driver Alan van der Merwe. His co-driver is the official FIA head physician, Dr Ian Roberts. The rear accommodates one or two assistant medics from a selected specialist hospital near to the race circuit concerned.