Mercedes boost power unit performance for Canada

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Mercedes will supply an upgraded engine for itself and its customer teams for this weekend’s Canadian GP. The German engine manufacturer will introduce developments without using any of its seven tokens which it has left for the season.

Senior member of Lotus, Matthew Carter confirmed to Sky Sports F1 that Mercedes will have a better, stronger engine for this weekend. “I think that they have probably used some tokens for that. We will definitely have an upgraded engine.”

According to motorsport-total Mercedes haven’t used any of its seven remaining tokens. They will introduce developments on safety, costs and reliability grounds which will result in a stronger power unit.

The field-leading manufacturer argued that even if the developments will bring them a significant step in performance, they also increase the reliability of its PU.

Mercedes revealed that they will use their tokens only later in the year.

Every Mercedes-powered car bar the one of Nico Hülkenberg managed to complete the first six races with one single engine.