F1 set for further meetings as 2017 rules remain undecided

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Formula 1 plans further meetings over the course of February as the leading motorsport category is set to go through a significant technical overhaul in 2017.

F1 rules are to undego an extensive rethink as senior figures intend to react to the comments of drivers and the public that the sport misses spectacle. It is said that driving the cars is not that challenging as it was before.

Charlie Whiting met the representatives of all F1 teams in Heathrow last Friday, but without a concensus.

Among the proposed modifications are wider chassis, higher diffusor, wider front wings and lower and wider rear wings. Still, until decisions are made, it is unclear what will eventually make it to the rule book. The currently dominant Mercedes AMG F1 Team is particularly said to be rejecting some of the more radical modifications, in fear of giving away their current competitive advantage.

As time is running out, Autosport has learned a new meeting will take place at the end of February. Depending on the size of the regulation changes, teams will have a difficult time to implement everything in time for 2017, and hence it appears incresingly likely that the propsed changes will only come into play in 2018, as there is fear that pushing ahead may force smaller teams out of the sport.

On next Tuesday there will be a separate meeting in Milan as F1 exclusive tyre maker Pirelli invited all the drivers, teams and Charlie Whiting to talk about future tyre development.