Arrivabene adamant on steady progress

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Ferrari team principal Maurizio Arrivabene pins hopes on continual development rather then on revolutionary packages. The Italian is hopeful that his squad can keep up with its big rival Mercedes and can establish itself as a serious title-contender this year.

Ferrari will introduce new parts in the forthcoming races, but will do it in small steps.

„There will be something [for Sochi], but nothing of great importance," Arrivabene said to

"We decided long ago the philosophy of a gradual development, because when you start a season with a whole new project, it makes no sense to bring revolutionary packages.”

Ferrari had problems with its power unit. Its realiability proved to be vulnerable, but there were issues also in terms of outright performance. Due to turbo problems the team could not get the most out of its completely revised PU package, but it is adamant to remedy it as quickly as possible.

„Even for the engine development we have chosen the same philosophy that we apply to the car. Of course we will spend some tokens on performance, but gradually."

The team is reported to use three of its nine remaining tokens this weekend in Sochi.

The Italian team’s two racing drivers, Sebastain Vettel and Kimi Räikkönen also do their shares in terms of development as they usually fly to Maranello to help the engineers.

"Both Seb and Kimi are working hard, they are regularly in Maranello and they are spending a lot of time with their engineers,” concluded Arrivabene .