Vettel hopeful of showing real pace in coming races

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Sebastian Vettel thinks that his team has much more on offer then it could show in the first phase of the season so far. The German champion hopes that Ferrari can cure their weak spots and end its winning drought in 2016.

Sebastian Vettel had a torrid race in Monaco. He had tremendous speed in the final practice session and in the first segment of the qualifying, but his speed faded in Q2 and Q3 due to mysterious grip loss. He could only qualify fourth, and being unable to make real progress during the race, this ended up being his finishing position as well.

Sebastian Vettel doesn't blame the team, but rather himself, as he believes he should have been able to get past Felipe Massa's slow Williams following the latter's decision to continue for much longer on the full wet tyres.

”It was a difficult race, I think I could have done better when I stopped and I came out behind Felipe. We made the right strategy call but then I should have found the way to get past, I think I lost the podium there. When I was behind him I was in the Intermediates tires, it was very slippery, very easy to get it wrong, but I feel I should have made it possible.”

Vettel praised his team for doing incredible pit-stops and also hailed the race speed of his car.

"Yesterday we didn’t do a good job in not putting the car in the place where we belong, yet I think we were very quick this weekend, the pit-stops were fantastic, a great job from the guys."

The German almost ended the race in the barrier as he out-braked himself in turn three and barely could avoid hitting the wall.

"But the rest is up to me and I apologize because I couldn’t get to the podium. I tried everything to close the gap to Perez, and I did come very close a couple of times, I was also lucky not to ‘kiss’ the wall at the end.

The quadruple champion has been dogged by many problems in the first six races: crashes, technical problems and qualifying problems hampered him to perform at his best. Vettel though is sure that Ferrari will be able to show its real form sooner or later as the season.

“Now it’s over, so in the end we got good points and after 6 races there’s a lot more to come,” concluded the German in positive manner.