Jean Todt denies F1 needs an excessive overhaul

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The President of F1's controlling body FIA Jean Todt said formula one does not need sweeping changes and does not think that Mercedes' utterly dominant form of the last three seasons harmed the sport.

Formula 1 saw the begin of a new era with the change of the commercial rights holder. Former majority shareholder CVC Capitals sold its shares to the American media conglomerate Liberty Media. The take-over proceeds in various transactions.

On 23th January, the American company acquired 35,5 per cent of the shares with its latest transaction. It provided the media giant with the voting rights. Liberty Media did not hesitate and announced that it parted ways with Bernie Ecclestone and built a new governing structure of three key people. Chase Carey, Ross Brawn and Sean Bratches were charged with the task of managing the commercial and advertising side of the sport.

The trio announced that it plans a substantially rethought platform in formula one in a bid to lure more people and awake and revive the immeasurable interest and love for the sport of the early 2000s.

FIA president Jean Todt, however, is against the introduction of sweeping changes. He thinks formula one's health is intact and the sport is as good as ever.

"I think formula one is already great. The sport must be unpredictable, and the title fight (in 2016) went to the last corner,” Todt sounded confident.

"I’m sure Liberty Media will give us different insights for other forms of communication that are likely to bring new fans to formula one.”

The Frenchman denies the accusations against the sport that it got boring and predictable due to the never-seen domination of Mercedes.

"At the moment it is Mercedes, but before it was Red Bull, Ferrari, McLaren and Williams, which also happens in other sports like athletics and football”

"So we should congratulate Mercedes for its successes and hope the others work even better now,” concluded Todt.