Force India uncovers its VJM10 F1 car

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Force India today unveiled its 2017 contender during a press meeting and online stream in collaboration with Sky Sports. A radical car got ultimately revealed, with further development promised during the season.

Before the covers were taken off, Vijay Mallya talked about how immensely proud he was of the achievements Force India produced last year, and that he wants to do even better this year, aiming for a top 3 position in the WDC.

He also rebuked a comment made by Renault yesterday, where it got told that smaller teams like Force India will most likely be outspent this season. Mallya countered this by saying it's "not about the amount of arms, but the quality of them".

The conference then moved on to the drivers with Sergio Perez as the experienced driver and Ocon as the new one. Ocon told how he had to increase his time in the gym up to 9 hours a day, to cope with the bigger G forces this year.

Afterwards, the moment came to pull the covers off, unveiling a radical evolution of their already unique "nostril" front crash structure. Technical Director Andy Green essentially continued with proven concepts, copying the split airbox from the Mercedes of 2016 while fitting a very elaborate barge board to the car, reminiscent of 2008 cars.