Marchionne is happy with Ferrari’s line-up

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Sergio Marchionne, President of Ferrari’s parent company FIAT revealed after the victory of his squad at the twisty Hungaroring that he is more then delighted with Ferrari’s current driver pairing and sees no reason why to make any changes to it.

Formula One’s most prestigious team, Ferrari finds itself in a unique position since the contract of both its drivers expires at the end of the season. Despite to the pressure from outside, the Italian team refused to comment how the contractual talks are progressing.

Sebastian Vettel was rumoured to leave the Italian marque and join fierce rival Mercedes while Kimi Räikkönen’s seat got insecure after Max Verstappen was tipped to join Ferrari despite the Dutchman’s contract at Red Bull for the 2018 campagin.

Dismissing the rumours, Sergio Marchionne sounded hopeful of keeping Ferrari’s current line-up for the 2018 F1 Championship.

“Look there at the podium. They are great together,” stated the Italian-American standing under the Hungarian GP's podium.

“It's difficult to change this team now. Let's see if we can keep them in 2018. I think they want to stay. The team is growing well, I don't want to ruin it.”

Kimi Räikkönen was asked about his contractual situation during the official FIA post-race interview. The Finn indicated that he still has the wish to stay at the fabled Italian team.

“No different than any year. It’s not really my decision. The team knows what is my preferred option and then see what happens,” said the 2007 champion.