Gentlemen, start your engines

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More and more teams are ready at last to get 2018 rolling, with winter testing to start in little more than a week's time. Several engines have been fired up in the team factories in the meantime, so we've made a compilation.


Mercedes AMG F1 were the first to reveal a sound clip of their 2018 power unit kicking into life for the first time.


Ferrari revealed the sound of the startup of its new engine on 9 February. The team is reportedly "boosted due to hitting the team's performance and reliability targets on the dyno".

Toro Rosso

Toro Rosso kicked their new Honda power unit to life on 14 February, and the team states is was a trouble free process, contrary to McLaren's issues one year earlier.

Alfa Romeo Sauber

Sauber powered up its Ferrari engine for the first time on 14 February.


'Dark horse' of the season, Renault F1 Team released a clip to sketch the context of what it means to build up a Formula One car, while also firing up their R.S.18 engine for the first time in Enstone.

The team tweeted before that the engine was first kickstarted on 14 February, at 00:30.


McLaren has successfully fired up its new Renault-powered MCL33 for the first time at its Woking factory.

Following a switch from Honda engines, McLaren had to play catch up late last year to accommodate the new concept of power unit in its car.

Ahead of an official launch next week, the team released a short video of the Renault fire-up on Friday.