New safety car from the 2018 season

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Formula One’s governing body, FIA was pleased to announce that a new, more powerful safety car will make debut in tomorrow’s Australian Grand Prix which is part of its constant pursue for providing better safety platform for race drivers.

Safety Car

The new 2018 FIA Safety Car is the most powerful yet, with a power output of 430 kW (585 hp) and a top speed of 318 km/h. The Mercedes AMG GT R will lead the F1 field safely round the track in the event of incidents or bad weather.

“When a Safety Car intervention is required during a Grand Prix it’s vitally important that we have full confidence in the car’s ability. With the latest versions of the FIA Medical and Safety Cars, that confidence is once again assured,’ said F1 Race Director Charlie Whiting.

Biometric gloves

Formula One drivers will wear special gloves as of 2018. The new biometric gloves contain sensors in the fabric. In the event of an accident the sensor relay vital information about the drivers condition over a Bluetooth link to FIA medical crews who can then make better informed decisions about their response to the incident.


The Halo frontal impact protection device made its competitive race weekend debut at the Australian Grand Prix. The titanium device is designed to protect against the impact of airborne objects and is the subject of years of FIA safety research