Tales from the Hungarian GP paddock – Thursday

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The 2018 Formula One Championship touches down in Budapest, Hungary to host the Hungarian Grand Prix, round 12 of the season. On Thursday, teams were busy as usual to prepare for the final destination before the Circus goes on a lengthy summer break.

1. Hungarian marshals had the chance today to practice the extrication. Because of the halo, the titanium ring, marshals had to drill how they can get a driver out of the cockpit with his driving seat. The Haas team provided the marshals with Romain Grosjean's car, with a member of the American squad sitting in the cockpit. FIA members also observed the process which proved to be a difficult exercise for marshals.

2. Despite not participating in the championship, numerous Polish fans popped up at the Hungaroring with huge flags to cheer on the most successful driver of Central Europe, Robert Kubica. The one-time GP winner will be involved in Formula One's luxurious programme, the F1Experience this weekend.

3. In a bid to cure its aerodynamic woes, Williams continue to evaluate their brand-new front wing which features a new R-shaped cascade wing and flatter mainplane. Today, the cars of the Grove-based squad were equipped with the old front wing, but the brand-new wings are also present and are set to hit the track tomorrow.

4. Following the tragic death of Fiat, Ferrari and Maserati CEO, Sergio Marchionne, Ferrari called its official FIA press conferences off. Kimi Räikkönen was due to make appearance on Thursday while team principal Maurizio Arrivabene was invited for the Friday conference-

5. Ferrari showed up with the old exhaust configuration during Thurday's technical inspection. The Maranello-based team tried a unique exhaust layout out at the previous race weekend in Germany, trying to enhance the blowing effect of exhaust gases.

6. Visitors of today's pit lane walk were given a unique chance. The fan who received the highest number of likes for his selfie will have the electrifying opportunity to be driven around the Hungaroring in a Formula One two-seater car.

7. Red Bull drivers Max Verstappen and Daniel Ricciardo were quite fresh after having participated in a sailing competition on Lake Balaton which is Hungary's biggest and Europe's second largest lake. The duo visited the event because of Red Bull's involvement as a sponsor.

8. Teams were adamant to practice their pit stops in the heat. Mercedes tested a new mechanic on the left rear corner of the car. Interestingly, Ferrari were carrying out many drills involving a front wing change. While most teams have their pit crew standing out ready in the pit lane, Williams' pit stop practices see their mechanics running out of the garage in the last minute to simulate the possible late timing of the pit visit.