Individual tyre selection for the Italian Grand Prix

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Formula One’s sole tyre manufacturer Pirelli revealed the individual tyre selection for the forthcoming Italian Grand Prix. Of the top teams, Ferrari seems to be the hungriest when it comes to the softest compounds on its home turf.

As in Belgium last weekend, Pirelli will bring the trio of medium, soft and supersoft compound. The Temple of Speed usually puts stress on the rear tyres due to intensive acceleration actions out of slower and medium corners. However, last years showed very low degradation, prompting suggestions that Pirelli’s choice for the Italian Grand Prix may be rather conservative.

This theory is also aided by the teams’s hunger for the supersoft compound. With no exception, every driver will complete the last European race weekend with one or two sets of the medium tyre. In contrast, most teams ordered eight or nine sets of supersoft with Ferrari, Sauber-Alfa Romeo and Force India storing up ten sets of supersofts.

Considering that driver have 13 sets of dry-weather tyres, ten sets seems to be quite a bold choice, but the small differences between the individual choices should even out come the race. Furthermore, the one-stop strategy could be executed with starting on the supersofts and changing for the soft, leaving the set of mediums untouched for the race.