Pirelli expects no hurdles in its activities

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Formula One’s sole tyre manufacturer Pirelli expects that it will not face any major issues with its race activities in the coming weeks despite the current situation regarding the coronavirus outbreak.

After the number of cases has showed a significant increase at the weekend, the Italian government has reacted with introducing drastic measurements as a result of the outbreak of COVID-19. Several key players of Formula One including Ferrari and Pirelli have been affected as their headquarters are based on areas which have also been placed under quarantine.

When asked by F1technical, Pirelli’s spokesperson said that transportation should go ahead as planned, securing that all necessary equipment should arrive in time.

„Road transportation is allowed to and from “reinforced containment” areas and therefore we do not foresee the provisions issued having significant impacts on the transportation of goods. Pirelli’s structures are in constant contact with the relevant Institutions to receive instructions in real time and best manage the logistics of production and supply.”

However, the company had to implement changes to its operation to ensure its production activities run smoothly. Furthermore, several healthcare precautions were introduced to guarantee the health of the perrsonnel.

„There are no impacts on production activities. Today the Italian market accounts for 5.8% of the Pirelli group’s total revenues and Car tyre production in Italy represents 7.5% of the group’s total. There are 3,247 employees in Italy,” read the statement.

The Milan-based supplier also communicated that its operation in China where the virus originated is also quickly returning to normal.

Pirelli announced on March 3 that it has postponed the scheduled 18-inch 2021 wet tyre test at Fiorano that the company was to carry out with Ferrari.