UK-based teams also forced to close their factories

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After Ferrari suspended all its operational activities earlier this month, UK-based Formula 1 teams are also forced to change their plans about the factory shutdowns following the latest restrictions introduced by the government.

Ferrari announced on March 15 that it shut down its operational activities at its Maranello and Modena base including its F1 factory in reaction to the Italian government’s restrictions. The sport’s other Italy-based squad, AlphaTauri joined Ferrari in commencing its shutdown early on while the Swiss-based Alfa Romeo outfit and the seven British outfits were still continuing to operate.

Last week, the FIA and Formula One decided to move the traditional summer break to March/April, giving more freedom to the Commercial Rights’ Holder and the governing body to reshuffle the 2020 campaign after the series of postponements and cancellations of the early races of this season.

Ferrari announced immediately that it started its official shutdown on the first possible day, March 19. In fact, the shutdown has not changed much for the scarlet red team as its operations had already been suspended at that time due to the Italian government’s restrictions.

The lockdown in the United Kingdom was initially more relaxed, but the coronavirus situation has turned for the worse over the past days, forcing UK’s government to introduce stricter rules. As part of the measurements, the government permits travel to business only in cases if it is not possible to work remotely. The measures have been put in place for at least three weeks. reported that Williams, McLaren and Red Bull have already started their factory shutdown while other teams are also reviewing their plans to take the necessary measures.

The shutdown related to all departments of the teams which are connected with the performance of the cars, excluding the marketing and business parts of their operations. Engine manufacturers are also unaffected by the Sporting Regulation, however, it is unclear how the departments that are responsible for the development of the power units can operate under the governments’ restrictions.