Jordan to sign Verstappen soon

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Eddie Jordan has agreed to sign Jos Verstappen for the 2004 season, a statement from the Dutchman's principal backer Trust revealed at 5pm on Friday. However, some issues still have to be worked out, but a contract is expected within the next few days.

Trust CEO Michel Perridon heads a group of Dutch sponsors who are backing Verstappen and have a reported $10million to spend over the coming season. This morning it emerged that Perridon had give Eddie Jordan an ultimatum - either to sign Verstappen by 5pm or to risk losing out on any potential deal.

A statement by Trust claims there is a verbal agreement, from which a contract will follow the next few days. Both parties have furthermore agreed they will be silent towards media, while the final arrangements are made.

"We are glad to have moved so much closer to having this all resolved," Perridon said. "Jos is an excellent driver and thoroughly deserves a seat in Formula One."

Jordan will test their brand new EJ14 car at Silverstone on February 4-5th when it is expected Verstappen will make his debut for the team.