F1 adds masks to its merchandise store

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With the coronavirus outbreak still defining everyday life, Formula One has added special masks to its merchandise stores which fans are now able to pre-order.

Renault has become the first team to make his branded masks available to fans by offering its mouth protection in two different designs. Formula One has now also presented its special face masks.

Fans can pre-order the mouth protection with the delivery starting on July 6. While Renault offers two types of masks in different packages, Formula One has made one option available. Fans can purchase a 3-pack of different face coverings that have been designed for adults.

The pack includes a white and two black masks. The white and one of the two black masks have an identical design with Formula One’s 70th anniversary logo appearing on one side and the rainbow of the WeRaceAsOne initiative on the other side. The design of the third face covering incorporates the anniversary logo highlighted in enlarged letters.

Formula One claims that fans can show their support in the fight against the coronavirus outbreak with the masks. „Featuring official F1 branding across three unique designs, these are perfect for showing your support wherever you are, whatever you’re doing.”

The pack can be purchased for EUR19,00.