Xdrinks joining Minardi

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It will be a case of “X” marks the spot in the Formula One Paddock this season, and that spot will be the Minardi Cosworth motorhomes. It is there, for the first time, that the Grand Prix fraternity will be able to see, and taste X, a brand-new, carbonated, Cranberry-flavoured soft drink. Aside from being a healthy beverage - it contains only natural flavours and colours - and an excellent mixer, X also contains less than 10 calories per 500ml bottle.

The arrival of X in the world of F1 is the result of a recently concluded commercial arrangement between exciting, new, UK-based beverage company, X Drinks Limited, and the Minardi Cosworth team. Aside from the latest, high-tech chiller cabinets in the motorhomes containing ample supplies of the drink, other outward signs of the partnership will take the form of distinctive “X” branding on team transporters, pit garage panels, drivers’ drink bottles and, of course, the Minardi Cosworth race cars.

“We are very pleased to have signed X Drinks Limited as a partner for this season,” comments Minardi Cosworth Team Principal, Paul Stoddart. “There’s no doubt we feel a certain kinship with an ambitious new company that wants to establish itself in a market full of well-established players by doing things just a little bit differently from its rivals. From a personal point of view, it will also be pleasantly refreshing to have a beverage other than the ever-present energy drinks in the team’s chillers this year. I’m sure X will prove to be very popular with team members and guests alike.”

X Drinks Limited Director, Beverley Bloom, the London-based “It Girl” famous for her social connections, says….

“The response to the launch of the X Cranberry drink has been overwhelming – everyone who has tasted it has loved it. It seems there is a real gap in the market for a subtle and delicious-tasting new drink that has only natural ingredients. Tamara Beckwith is shipping a crate to her Los Angeles house for her Oscars party, and Caroline Stanbury wants it for her wedding reception. X will be at all the best parties this year. I am thrilled to be associated with the Minardi Cosworth team in Formula One, and we both hope to make massive strides towards great success this season.”

X will be officially launched at a high-profile party in London, in March, a number of celebrities and sports personalities having been enlisted to assist with the introduction and promotion of the new drink. There will also be a nationwide advertising campaign and a programme of event promotion to keep the X brand highly visible.