AdNovum teams up with Sauber

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Sauber Petronas have signed a long-term partnership agreement with the Zurich-based software development company, AdNovum Informatik. Under the terms of this agreement, AdNovum have assumed responsibility for hosting the SAUBER PETRONAS website at effective immediately.

"AdNovum have acquired an outstanding reputation in recent years, and I'm delighted that we've been able to gain them as our partner," said Team Principal Peter Sauber.

AdNovum's CEO Stefan Arn looks at the prospects of this collaboration in an equally positive light:

"In addition to my long-standing passion for racing, I share a zest for technology, perfection and speed with the SAUBER PETRONAS Formula 1 team. Consequently, hosting the sophisticated SAUBER PETRONAS website poses an exciting challenge for me personally as well as for AdNovum."

AdNovum are a leading Swiss software engineering and development company for demanding high-end security, application and integration projects. Last year, AdNovum's CEO Stefan Arn was named "Entrepreneur of the Year" by Ernst & Young.

AdNovum specialise in the development of first-rate software solutions for major Swiss companies, such as UBS, PostFinance, Telekurs Services, Swisscom, Bank Wegelin & Cie as well as various Swiss government agencies.