Perez handed three-place grid penalty for Australian Grand Prix

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Red Bull driver Sergio Perez will drop three grid positions for the Australian Grand Prix after receiving a penalty for impeding Nico Hulkenberg during qualifying.

The Mexican driver qualified third for the Melbourne round, but he will only start the grand prix from sixth, with Lando Norris, Charles Leclerc and Oscar Piastri all moving up one place respectively.

The incident occurred in Q1 of the hour when Hulkenberg was forced to take avoiding action on his flying lap after encountering Perez. The Mexican was an out lap, and Red Bull failed to inform the five-time grand prix winner of Hulkenberg, and only provided information about the traffic ahead of the Mexican.

The stewards' statement read: "Hulkenberg was on a fast lap when he approached turn 13. Perez, who was on an out lap was at the apex of the turn and Hulkenberg had to leave the racing line to drive around him. Hulkenberg was forced to lift the throttle early and brake early for that

"In reviewing the audio from Perez’ car, the Stewards observed that the team was focused on the car in front of Perez that had just slowed, and did not give Perez a warning that Hulkenberg was behind him until one second before Hulkenberg arrived and significantly too late to avoid impeding Hulkenberg.

"While the Stewards appreciate the dynamic situation facing the team and driver during the Q1 session, which was described in the hearing, the Stewards find that Perez “Unnecessarily Impeded” Hulkenberg and issue a three grid place drop, consistent with previous cases."