Prodrive not to run before December

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Prodrive, the new Formula One Team that will make its debut ont he F1 grid in 2008, won't run their car before December 2007. David Richards, the founder of the new team, declared this to

Richards said: "Everything has got to be sorted by March 2008 and we are just working backwards from there. You would be surprised how little impact you would have not having anything in place until the latter part of the season. We have no intention of running before December."

Prodrive is negotiating with a number of teams to buy a customer car and engine in 2008. "We have got three options still. I have a favoured one obviously, but I would be foolish until things are settled to not look at all the solutions that people are proposing for us," Richards added.

"We are not going to build our own car and we are going to partner with one of the existing teams. They will benefit from working closely with us, with the testing, development and extra mileage on the track, and we will get access to a competitive F1 car."