There has always been spying - Ecclestone

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Formula One supremo Bernie Ecclestone has made clear his point of view on the espionage scandals that have hit F1 this season. In an interview with 'Auto Motor und Sport', Mr. E. declared that there has always been spying in F1 and that he believes the FIA should have kept out of the matter and left it to the police and court.

Bernie Ecclestone said about the spying cases: "There has always been spying ever since I have been in Formula One. It is once again an issue with the structure that we have in this sport. But it is a little bit more complicated than it was. In the old days, one guy would employ somebody and they would take the information he brings with him. In a way it is still happening today. Red Bull employed Adrian Newey. Why did they do that? They took him on board because he’s got years of information about what to do and what not to do. I do not imagine he came with any drawings, but he came with all this knowledge in his head.

"We cannot stop that. If I am running a private hospital, I would employ the best surgeons I could find. If I hear about a guy who had done 30 heart transplants successfully somewhere else, then I am going to employ him, because he has proven that he can do it. You haven't bought anything except knowledge. I cannot tell you to forget everything you have done."

According to Ecclestone, the FIA shouldn't be getting involved in the matter: "They (the FIA) should keep out of it. I did tell Ron Dennis, when the whole mess started, to report to the police that there was a case of theft. Tell them that there is an employee in the house who is receiving or purchasing stolen property. If it was dealt in that way we would not have had the problems we faced this year. It should be a matter for the police and the court. They have much better tools to find out the truth."

On 6 December, the WMSC will decide on the espionage case between McLaren and Renault.