Anderlecht unveils Superleague car

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Yesterday, RSCA Anderlecht has officially revealed their car for the Superleague Formula. As the car has been unveiled, there are a number of drivers that have showed interest in racing for the team during the new racing series that will kick-off in August 2008.

As Anderlecht is a Belgian football club, it would be nice if there was a Belgian driver racing the Panoz designed car. Jan Heylen, who raced in Champ Car last season is already in talks with the team, although he still hopes for a new Champ Car ride.

But not only Jan Heylen is interested, also Bas Leinders, the last Belgian who raced in F1, would like to race in the new international racing series. Leinders said: "If Anderlecht wants to win in the Superleague, they have to pick me as their driver."

Of course it is very unlikely that Anderlecht will choose for Leinders as it has been years since he has raced in a comparable car and this while Jan Heylen has been successful in Champ Car last season.

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