Kovalainen on his way to McLaren?

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The news that Fernando Alonso and Nelson Piquet Jr. will drive for Renault in 2008, means that youngster Heikki Kovalainen has to look for a new team. This could be a problem for the young Finn as there are only a few vacant seats.

Kovalainen has been linked with McLaren for a while now and as Nico Rosberg has signed a new deal with Williams, the Finn is closing in on the seat next to Hamilton.

While the rumours of Alonso's next team have now finally been put to an end, attention is now focussed on the empty McLaren seat. Rumours are already on their way revolving around Sutil and good old De La Rosa may as well just hold on to the vacancy. All in all, one good season at Renault could prove not to be enough for Kovalainen to stay at the forefront in Formula One.