Team bosses to meet Mosley over cost-cutting plans

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Today, the F1 team bosses will meet with Max Mosley in Paris for a meeting about the radical cost-cutting plans of the FIA president. In December, Mosley announced that he wants to limit aerodynamic testing, rig testing, design and manufacturing, suspension and brakes, hydraulic systems, bodywork, weight distribution, circuit testing and the number of personnel at races.

Mosley wants to see these restrictions applied from March. It is the first time that the governing body is seeking to control the way F1 cars are actually developed and operated, and also doing it at extremely short notice.

Today, the F1 bosses will hear the full plans of Mosley, but it's already for sure that a lot of them will not be happy with the aerodynamic testing restrictions especially as this is the focus of the teams eyeing the 2009 regulations.

Overview of the cost-cutting plans of the FIA: