Schumi in charge of developing cars

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Seven time World Champion, Michael Schumacher, and Ferrari finally agreed on which role the German will get within the team after his retirement at the end of the 2006 season. Schumi declared to the Gazetta dello Sport that he will be in charge of developing cars for Gestione Sportiva, the motor racing division of Ferrari.

Michael Schumacher said to the Italian newspaper: "It took us a bit of time to establish, but now my role inside Ferrari is clear: we had to understand where my presence would be most useful.

"I deal with the development of the car inside Gestione Sportiva. We haven't yet scheduled the days when I'll drive the car, nothing's decided. We'll evaluate depending on the situations: if the team need me to, I'd like to drive, but not too often."

During the 2007 season, Schumacher's role at Ferrari was described as that of advisor. He attended several Grands Prix during the year.