We want points, points, points - Lom

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As Renault’s Principal Engineer, Red Bull Racing Track Support, Fabrice Lom, is the man with the job of leading his Renault troops into battle alongside the Red Bull Racing crew. For the second year in a row, Renault will supply engines to the Red Bull Racing Team.

Fabrice Lom“Last year we learned how to work with Red Bull Racing and how to integrate our engine with their chassis. Every team has its own unique way of working, but it went very well, with very few sticking points.

“There were 16 of us on track last year and, in 2008, we have upped that to 20 personnel. We found it was not so easy to run two cars in winter testing and the workload in the winter months was such that we did not have the staff to run night shifts when necessary.

“Usually, the end-of-year test sessions can be reasonably relaxed on the engine side. We are there to provide the power for the car while the team carries out tests on new components. However, this winter, we had to work very hard because of the new rules concerning electronics and the common ECU.

“Sometimes with a partnership, the first year can be the best, before you start really knowing one another and get less tolerant! I am sure that won’t be the case with us. In terms of performance, maybe we can make some progress, but more importantly we can improve our reliability so as to move up the Championship order. Apart from that, we want points, points, points!”