South African body wants Mosley to step down

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Motorsport South Africa, the motoring association of the African country, has added voice to the calls for Max Mosley to stand down as President of the FIA in the wake of the sex scandal. Several other national bodies have already requested for Mosley to step down or have questioned his position.

Beaulah Schoeman, managing director of Motorsport South Africa declared to 'Associated Press' that the country will vote against Mosley when the FIA members meet next month to discuss his future.

"Every single board member agrees that Max Mosley should step down. I haven't seen the video but people's private lives don't concern us. It brings not only the FIA, but motorsport, into disrepute."

The extraordinary general assembly meeting will take place on 3 June in Paris. The members of the FIA senate will take part in a vote of confidence in Max Mosley.