Heidfeld praises development of the F1.08

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The BMW Sauber F1 Team is one of the teams to have made great progress during the winter test sessions. Nick Heidfeld talks about the development of the F1.08 over the past few months, and reveals that even he is surprised about the dramatic increase in performance.

"We knew we had made great progress", says Heidfeld. "However, we didn't expect the progress to be quite this large. We are the second best team and are leading the championship. A couple of months ago I would never have believed we would be in this position."

One of the decisive factors in the BMW Sauber F1 Team's excellent position is the tireless work carried out by the engineers in Munich and Hinwil, who are constantly striving to improve and optimise the F1.08. And they have been very successful so far: "The car has improved enormously", says Nick. However, in his opinion the car is still a little difficult to drive compared to last year's model. "Last year's electronics meant it was easier to cover up some of the problems. But it is faster this year, and that is the most important thing", says the German.

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