I like the Magny-Cours track and the rural surroundings - Heidfeld

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The French Grand Prix is largely a far cry from the usual turbulence of a Formula One race. BMW Sauber F1 Team driver Nick Heidfeld is particularly taken by the rural setting of the venue in Magny-Cours.

"I like the Magny-Cours track and also the rural surroundings," says Heidfeld, in the run up to the race in France. "I'm lucky enough to spend the Grand Prix weekend here each year in a small, moated castle. There are only a handful of rooms, which don't come with a TV, radio or other luxuries, but do have three-metre-thick walls."

The peace and quiet that the BMW Sauber F1 Team driver enjoys there is well and truly over when he heads out onto the circuit to do battles for fastest times and World Championship points. Nick says: "Among the distinguishing characteristics of the circuit are its extremely even surface, several blind corners, and two high-speed chicanes. Turn 2 stands out - an extremely long and fast right-hander, which leads you through a hollow and then sends you sharply uphill on the way out."

Nick knows that the spectators should pay particular attention to one sport on the Magny-Cours track: "The circuit has been modified in some areas, and the final chicane does not fit in so harmoniously with the rest of the track. It has very high kerbs, which you have to ride - and this often produces spectacular shots of cars on two wheels."

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