The technical challenge of Magny-Cours

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The track surface at the Circuit de Nevers is very smooth, but the idiosyncrasies of the asphalt provide the teams with some of the biggest technical challenges of the race weekend. A small change in the track temperature can have a big influence on grip levels, so the engineers have to monitor any changes closely and alter car set-up accordingly.

Traction, particularly this year without traction control, has a big influence on lap time because the cars accelerate out of five first and second-gear corners around the lap. The two high-speed chicanes are much spoken about and keep the attention of the drivers, but neither is a big technical challenge because the relatively high downforce levels used on the cars ensure good turn-in and stability through these sections.

The key corner on the lap is turn three. A good balance through this long right-hander is crucial because a straight follows, at the end of which is the Adelaide Hairpin, which is the main overtaking point on the lap. Drivers need to be able to get the power down early, while the car is still under high lateral loads.

Full throttle: 60%
Brake wear: Low
Downforce level: High – 8/10
Tyre compounds: Medium / Soft
Tyre usage: Low
Average speed: 210kph (130mph)

Source Honda