Cars have become more beautiful - Heidfeld

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It is well known that Nick Heidfeld is a true art lover. However, visual appearance is also important to the 31-year-old when it comes to cars. "That is the most beautiful car I've ever seen," were Nicks adoring words when the BMW Sauber F1.08 was presented at BMW Welt in January.

However, at that time it was impossible to predict just how the F1.08 would develop into a guarantee for success and bring the BMW Sauber F1 Team its first victory.

However, Nick not only follows the design of his Formula One car very closely. The German also keeps an eye on the general development of automobile design. "I think cars have become more beautiful and more distinctive over the last few years," says Heidfeld "A good decade ago I had the feeling that one car looked exactly the same as the next. There are now much bigger differences between the different brands, and much less uniformity."

Nick devotes some of his free time to historic cars - once again for visual reasons. He says: "I don't read an awful lot of books about the history of motor racing, but if I see a report somewhere then I will take a look at it. What interests me are the vintage cars - but I am more interested in the visual appearance than the driving experience and technology."

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