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Red Bull adds rear wing endplate fins

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Since the Spanish Grand Prix, Red Bull have new rear wing endplates that feature an extension behind the diffuser. Pioneered on the Toyota TF109, McLaren have been using a similar design since the beginning of this season, and as of the Spanish GP have gotten company by Ferrari and Red Bull. All designs feature a number of fins, considered in the regulations as part of the rear wing endplate.

Because they are allowed to extend down to the level of the reference plane, they are parti... Read more

Burning fuel to gain downforce

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Once again Red Bull have devised another blown diffuser system, even after rules were made more strict. The team's car now makes use of the energized exhaust flow to separate the laminar flow of the rear wheels from the diffuser's airflow, hence creating a much more efficient diffuser and beam wing combination.

To make this work efficiently though, it is important that flow from the exhausts is more or less constant, or otherwise put, the car's behaviour will be more predictable whe... Read more

How Red Bull passes the front wing flexing test

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Apart from McLaren's surprising pace, the current hot topic is again Red Bull's flexing front wing. Last year there were similar worries after which the FIA introduced a beefed up front wing flexing test at the Belgian GP. However, even with the changed test, Red Bull still appear to have a major advantage at high speeds, hence allowing Vettel and Webber to gain a massive amount of time through quick turns.

It is evident that Red Bull passes each and every test, but the team appear ... Read more