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Sauber's brake duct development

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Sauber have been furiously at work to develop their car and keep up with the progress other teams are making throughout the season. Considering their pace at Spa-Francorchamps and Monza, that does not look like a problem for the Swiss team.

One of the updates used at Monza was a low drag front wing. Contrary to many other teams who ditched the cascading elements on the front wing, Sauber instead chose to apply minor modifications to the red part of their wing. Especially close to th... Read more

Sauber adds sidepod wings to straighten airflow

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Sauber have added small wings above the sidepod's leading edge, connecting the sidepod panels to the sides of the cockpit. Essentially these are flow straighteners that help to condition the somewhat turbulent airflow from behind the front wheels.

The aim is likely to get a cleaner flow over the sidepods, an area that has now become crucial with the introduction of the downwash exhaust.

Note however that the wings are made extremely thin, requiring the team to retain the - aerodynam... Read more