Sahara Force India VJM08B Mercedes

Sahara Force India VJM08B image

Active: 05-07-2015 - 2015
Team: Force India F1

Team: Andrew Green (TD), Andy Stevenson (SD), Bob Halliwell (Production Director), Simon Philips (Aerodynamics Director), Akio Haga (CD), Ian Hall (CD), Tom McCullough (CE), Mark Gray (TM), Vijay Mallya (TP), Robert Fernley (DTP), Otmar Szafnauger (COO)
Drivers: Sergio Perez (11), Nico Hulkenberg (27), Pascal Wehrlein (34, Test)

The VJM08B is an evolution of the Sahara Force India VJM08 with which the team completed the first part of the 2015 season. Having gone though a move to the TMG windtunnel based at Cologne, Germany, Force India prepared a raft of aerodynamic updates that were introduced as of the GP of Great Britain, thereby making this the debut race of the VJM08B.

The car was initially scheduled to be introduced at the Monaco GP, round 6 of the championship, but it was later postponed until the Austrian GP, and eventually moved further back to the British GP, the closest event to the team's factory. Team manager Bob Fernley said at the time that "people don't realise what a bit project it is to move the development to the new windtunnel".

Visually, the car is easily distinguishable from its predecessor thanks to apertures in the nose cone, commonly named 'nostrils'. The entire package of aerodynamic upgrades however was only fitted at the Singapore GP, with Technical Director Andy Green stating that the updates at Silverstone were just 50% of it.

"The car you've seen so far is the first step of a series of developments we will be introducing on to it over the next few races. It's current potential won't be realised until Singapore," he added. "That's the race we are targeting to have the full kit on the car, the full upgrade."

New front and rear wings, floor and diffuser were introduced step by step in the next races until coming to the final package at Singapore. This late development also required the team to sacrifice some of its 2016 development lead time, even though they did not consider it as an issue, given the stable regulations.

"If there are areas we believe can be transferred from next year's car on to this one - and there's a high probability they will - then we will do so. So we hope to bring updates to the very end, especially to prove out some concepts we have for next year as well. We'll see a lot more development in the latter half of this year compared to previous years."


The VJM08B completed 11 races for Force India, resulting in 14 points scoring finishes, including one third place finish by Sergio Perez at the Russian GP. The team finished the year with 136 points, good enough for 5th in the Constructors' Championship, their best ever result.


Chassis: Carbon-fibre monocoque
Front suspension: Aluminium alloy uprights with carbon fibre wishbones, inboard torsion springs, dampers and anti-roll bar assembly, actuated by push-rods
Rear suspension: Aluminium alloy uprights with carbon fibre wishbones, inboard hydro-mechanical springs, dampers and anti-roll bar assembly, actuated by pull-rods
Dampers: Koni
Brakes: AP Racing callipers with Carbon Industries carbon fibre pads and discs
Transmission: Mercedes AMG F1 8-speed quick-shift sequential carbon-cased gearbox, hydraulically activated. Longitudinally mounted
Clutch: Carbon fibre plates
Electronics: FIA standard ECU and FIA homologated electronic and electrical system (as provided by MES)
Steering wheel: Sahara Force India F1
Tyres: Pirelli
Wheels: Motegi Racing, forged magnesium alloy


Height: 950 mm (minus T camera)
Track width: 1,460 mm (front); 1,416 mm (rear)
Weight: 702kg (FIA mininum; incl. driver and lubricants, tank empty)


Designation: Mercedes-Benz PU106B Hybrid
Type: Turbocharged, 90° 1.6l V6, assisted with kinetic and heat ERS
No of valves: 24 (4 per cylinder)
Fuel injection: High-pressure direct injection (max 500 bar, one injector/cylinder)
Pressure charging: Single-stage compressor and exhaust turbine on a common shaft
Bore: 80mm
Stroke: 53mm
Crank height: 90mm (minimum allowed)
Energy recovery system: Integrated Hybrid energy recovery via electrical Motor Generator Units
Energy Store: Lithium-Ion battery solution, between 20 and 25 kg
Fuel: PETRONAS Primax
Lubricants: PETRONAS Syntium
Gearbox & hydraulic oil: PETRONAS Tutela