Ferrari 312T4

Ferrari 312T4 image

Active: 1979
Team: Scuderia Ferrari SpA


Chassis: Type 022, monocoque: aluminium panels riveted to variable-section light alloy structure and light alloy supports Front Suspension: Double wishbones, inboard spring/dampers units Rear Suspension: Upper wishbone, lower arm, vertical inboard spring/damper units behind gearbox Brakes: Lockheed callipers and Brembo ventilated cast iron discs, inboard on differential at rear Steering: Rack and pinion Length: 4,460 mm Width: 2,120 mm Height: 1,010 mm Wheelbase and Front/ Rear Track: 2,700/1,700/1,600 mm Kerb Weight (with water and oil): 590 kg Front Tyres: 23/59-13", Michelin Rear Tyres: 38/68-13", Michelin Wheels: split rims, front 12x13", rear 19x13" Fuel Tank: 175/190 litres central, NO 98/100 petrol Bodywork: Single-seater body in composite materials and aluminium
Transmission: Rear-wheel drive, Borg & Beck multi-plate clutch, 022 5-speed gearbox + reverse, transverse in unit with limited-slip differential Gear Ratios: Variable depending on track


Engine: Type 015, rear-mounted 180° V12, light alloy cylinder block and head, aluminium wet liners, 112 mm connecting rods, water cooled Bore & Stroke: 80 x 49.6 mm Unitary and Total Displacement: 249.3168/2,991.801 cc Compression Ratio: 11.5:1 Max. Power Output: 515 bhp at 12,300 rpm Timing Gear: 4 valves per cylinder, 2 camshafts per cylinder bank, gear driven off the rear of the engine Fuel Feed: Lucas indirect injection Ignition: Single plug with coil-ignition and Marelli Dinoplex electronic capacitive discharge Lubrication System: Dry sump