Ferrari 312T3

Ferrari 312T3 image

Active: 04-03-1978 - 04-02-1979
Team: Scuderia Ferrari SpA

The 312 T3 was an evolution of older 312T2 and was needed because Michelin had made a change to their radial tyres. One year earlier Niki Lauda was able to win the championship and Ferrari aimed to do the same with either Villeneuve or Reutemann. That scenario did however not include Colin Chapman who introduced the ground effect Lotus 78. The reliability put the Ferrari drivers in good positions but Lotus' Mario Andretti won the driver's crown in 1978. the car's drive in 1979 was only a waiting for the new Ferrari 312T4 that also took advantage of ground effect

In total, 5 chassis were build of the T3


Engine: Type 015, rear-mounted 180° V12, Light alloy cylinder block and head, aluminium wet liners, 112 mm connecting rods, water cooled
Bore & Stroke: 80 x 49.6 mm Unitary and Total Displacement: 249.3168/2,991.801 cc Compression Ratio: 11.5:1 Max. Power Output: 510 bhp at 12,200 rpm Timing Gear: 4 valves per cylinder, 2 camshafts per cylinder bank, gear driven off the rear of the engine Fuel Feed: Lucas indirect injection Ignition: Single plug, coil-ignition and Marelli Dinoplex electronic capacitive discharge Lubrication System: Dry sump Transmission: Rear-wheel drive, Borg & Beck multi-plate clutch, 020 5-speed gearbox + reverse, transverse in unit with limited-slip differential
Gear Ratios: Variable depending on track Chassis: Type 020, monocoque, aluminium panels riveted to variable-section light alloy structure and cast light alloy supports Front Suspension: Double wishbones, inboard spring/dampers units Rear Suspension: Upper arm, lower wishbone and single central radius arm Brakes: Lockheed callipers and Brembo ventilated cast iron discs, inboard at rear on differential Steering: Rack and pinion Length: 4,250 mm Width: 2,130 mm Height: 1,010 mm Wheelbase and Front/ Rear Track: 2,560/1,620/1,585 mm Kerb Weight (with water and oil): 580 kg Front Tyres: 24/55-13", Michelin Rear Tyres: 40/65-13", Michelin Wheels: light alloy split rim, front 11x13", rear 19x13" Fuel Tank: 200 litres, 2 side and 1 central tanks, NO 98/100 petrol Bodywork: Single-seater body in composite materials and aluminium